Equifax Decision Power - We implemented it first!

Point-of Sale decisions processed instantly and automatically

Approve new demand deposit accounts and cross-sell additional services at the same time. Equifax Decision Power provides understandable prompts to tellers and loan officers for approving accounts and offering extra services to qualified customers. Equifax Decision Power draws on the nation's largest credit reporting database to combine advanced risk modeling, based on your own risk-assessment criteria or your choice of Equifax's multi-level risk assessment criteria.

Equifax Decision Power helps you: 

Expand market share. Improve Profitability. Develop long-term customer relationships. Reduce attrition.

On-line, proactive cross-selling plus centralized control of your credit policy

Decision Power by Equifax:

  • Returns objective action messages to provide centralized credit policy control and supporting compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Allows sales representatives at all locations to make immediate and justified cross-selling decisions
  • Charge-off risk is reduced by combining credit scoring with access to historic bad-check information to qualify demand deposit applicants
  • Proven fraud protection through Safescan, an Equifax system that alerts you to known and potentially fraudulent information
  • You save by not processing non-creditworthy applications
  • A cost-effective way to increase profits and expand customer relationships

Equifax Decision Power is part of a growing family of innovative products and services that comprise the Equifax Total Solution - Your strategic master plan for growth and control.

Contact an Equifax representative today. Decision Power software may be requested directly from Equifax.

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