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Net Connect for Experian Internet Credit Reports

Experian has announced that their credit reports will no longer be available through the dial-up network. Early in 2004, all credit report software must access Experian using Net Connect™. Net Connect is Experian's Internet gateway.

Good news! CREDITbase III is certified by Experian, and ready to go! It uses your Internet connection (DSL, Cable, Dialup, or T1) to access Experian, without opening a web browser!

Why CREDITbase III and Net Connect?
  • A single request can access all three credit bureaus.
  • Quick and Easy. Just enter name, SSN, and address. Click Send.
  • No third parties - no transaction charges
  • Retrieves, stores and prints credit reports
  • Warns you of duplicate requests.
  • No added transaction fees. No third party!
  • Encrypted, secure local storage.
  • Customizable import and export capabilities.
  • Runs right on the Windows desktop. No web distractions.

To AVOID INTERRUPTION OF SERVICE, don't until the last minute, or even the last weeks!

Upgrade for Only $125*  Order by phone, or click here!

*Single license upgrade from CREDITbase 2, any modem credit software, or Internet transaction-based credit retrieval service.
 Regular price $294.95. Add 8.25% sales tax if delivered to a California address. Shipping is $23.50 overnight / $7.50 standard. Amex, Visa, MC, Check.  Call (626) 963-8313 to order.

 Home  Credit Reports for Equifax, Experian, Trans Union Credit Bureau        

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