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Merged credit report includes free credit score.  See what all three credit bureaus say about you. (Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union merged in one easy to read report.)  You can see it online now and it's only $34.95. FREE credit score included!

Get your FREE Credit Report plus monthly alerts to let you know the important things that have changed in your credit record, and online access on demand to view your credit report as often as you wish.  Keep your FREE credit report even if you choose not to continue the monthly alert service...
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My Credit Report - This is the most experienced service for giving you your credit report on-line securely. You can see it right now, with a personalize analysis included!

Credit score + 3-in-1 Merged Credit Report from all three (Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union) Credit Bureaus. This is the one that mortgage lenders use when financing a home as well as some of the automobile loan companies. You can see it online now (including your credit score) and it's only $34.95

Free Credit Report  Get your FREE personal credit report with a 30-day free trial. If you continue, you get monthly notification to let you know of important changes on your credit record. Your free report is yours to keep even if you cancel!

We realize the personal, sensitive nature of information contained in credit reports and have built secure systems to ensure your credit report's safe delivery.

What is a credit bureau?
A credit bureau is a clearinghouse for credit history information. Credit grantors provide the bureau with information on how their credit customers pay their bills. The bureau assembles this information, along with public record information obtained from court houses around the country, into a file on each consumer. In return, credit grantors can obtain credit reports about consumers who wish to open accounts with them.

There are over 1000 local and regional credit bureaus throughout the United States. Most credit bureaus are either owned or under contract with one of the nation's three major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian and Trans Union). These national agencies maintain centralized databases containing the credit records of more than 170 million consumers. Credit bureaus generate over a half-billion credit reports a year.

Who can access my credit report?
Permissible purpose is defined in Section 604 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

A consumer reporting agency may furnish a consumer report under the following circumstances:

  • In response to a court order or a Federal Grand Jury Subpoena.

  • In accordance with the written instruction of the consumer.

  • To a person whom the bureau has reason to believe:

  • Intends to use the report in connection with the extension of
    credit, or the review or collection of an account;

  • Intends to use the report for insurance underwriting;

  • Intends to use the report for determining the eligibility for a government license or benefit where the government agency is required to consider the consumer's financial status;

  • Otherwise has a legitimate business need for the report in connection with a business transaction involving the consumer.