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Experian Credit Reports

Retrieve credit reports from Experian using your desktop computer. Credit Report Software can reformat an Experian credit report in the style of a Trans Union or Equifax credit report, or in our easy-read layouts.  All the major Experian offerings are handled, as listed here...
  • Experian Credit Report
  • Address Update
  • Bullseye Report
  • Collections  Report
  • Decode
  • Employment Insight
  • Instant Update
  • Joint Reports
  • Social Search

Credit Report Options


Risk Models:
  • Experian National Risk Model
  • MDS Bankruptcy Model
  • FICO Score
  • National Risk Score
  • Equivalency Score
  • Fair, Isaac Installment Model
  • Fair, Isaac Auto Model
  • Fair, Isaac Personal Finance Model
  • Fair, Isaac Revenue Model

The software allows entry of special keywords to handle the possibility of  new Experian products, and/or new input requirements. 

Home  Credit Reports for Equifax, Experian, Trans Union Credit Bureau        
CU Decision Expert is a new credit union risk management tool from Experian 

Credit Report Software when used with Experian's CU Decision Expert, gives credit unions the ability to use an automatic loan approval decision process, based on policies, rules, and risk models which they have chosen. For example, the credit limit for a loan can be calculated automatically as part of the credit retrieval process.

CU Decision Expert is a risk management tool developed by Experian for credit unions. It quickly evaluates a  person's credit history in light of the credit union's policy rules and criteria, with the following benefits:

  • Major savings in time and cost
  • Decisions are customized according to the credit union's specific needs
  • Interprets the credit report for scoring, and maintains all necessary code changes
  • Custom defined policy rules and recommended limit or loan amount
  • Requires minimal programming
  • Uses multiple scorecards

Experian-a global information solutions company headquartered in Orange, Calif., and Nottingham, UK-is a leading supplier of consumer and business credit information, credit scoring and software solutions, and direct marketing services. Including recent acquisitions of Metromail Corp. (in April 1998) and Direct Marketing Technology, Inc. (in April 1997), Experian employs nearly 11,000 worldwide with 7,500 employees in the United States. Annual sales are about $1.5 billion. Experian is a subsidiary of the Great Universal Stores P.L.C., a UK-based holding company that includes home shopping, retail, property investment, finance and information services businesses. Visit Experian's Internet site at

MERit Systems, is a software company specializing in consulting to companies who need quick and effective access to credit information, a subsidiary of Tradewind Software, founded in 1983 and is well-known as a leading provider of  consulting services and the programs packaged with modems. Tradewind has shipped over 12 million copies of its communications software, noted for easy setup and automatic detection and configuration of the modem. Visit MERit's Internet site at

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