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Trans Union Credit Reports

Trans Union credit reports are easy to request with Credit Report Software's Trans Union edition. Human readable, as well as CPU to CPU formats are handled. The report style can be Trans Union's normal format, or the software's custom reporting feature gives you a choice of other ways to view the result of the credit inquiry.

The following table outlines some of the Trans Union credit report products handled:

  • Credit Report
  • Atlas
  • Address Verification
  • Phone Number Report
  • Fact (Full Account Collection Tool)
  • Glance
  • Hawkeye
  • Trace
  • Retrace
  • Look
  • Phone Look
Score Models
  • Empirica (Installment Loans, Automobile Loans, Personal Finance, Bank Cards)
  • New Delphi
  • TIE (Income Estimator)
  • Reward
  • Patrol
  • RPM (Revenue Projection Model)
  • Facets
  • Spectrum
  • Assist
Other types of reports can be handled by setups for your account at Trans Union, or through special keywords entered into the software.
Trans Unionís Credit Reporting System

Once you become an authorized subscriber to Trans Union, your company can get credit reports through credit software, as well as by mail and over the phone. The company enforces strict policies to protect the confidential personal credit information they have collected.

Trans Unionís national consumer credit information file includes public record information and accounts receivable data as provided by national, regional, and local credit grantors. This information is presented in a credit report that provides the consumerís history of payment on financial obligations. The payment history contained in the file is reviewed by lenders and other credit grantors to help determine whether to extend credit.

Trans Union Credit Report Online
In 1970, the company introduced the Trans Union Credit Reporting Online Network Utility System, the CRONUS system complements the automated techniques used by credit grantors. CRONUS provides credit grantors across the country with accurate, credit information on consumers.

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